Acorn Coffee packaging concept

 Acorn Coffee packaging project that was a part of Graphic design studies in Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts.
 The task was to create a conceptual, outstanding identity and packaging for any kind of coffee. Chosen product was ecologic native Lithuanian product – acorn coffee. It was designed in a way to promote it by adding the new variety of tastes. Coffee can be mixed with various spices: cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, anise, cardamom, cloves.
 Packaging includes few sizes of a bag that is made of decorative cardboard and tracing paper so that the coffee and spice could create certain graphics themselves.
 Packaging is decorated with gravure and silk print.

Giliu 4

Giliu 2

Giliu 3

Giliu 6

Giliu 1


Design by: Evelina Baniulytė (Lithuania)
Client: Graphic design studies at Vilnius Academy of Art (Lithuania)