Artificial reality illustration series

   Art was and always will be a way of expressing the reality which to some of us can look pure, minimal and to some of us it can look shocking. It is not a secret that our modern society is occupied by work, modern technologies and that we maintain a better image on our social media than in the reality. But how design comes in all of this, you may ask? Well, in this case illustrations are a great way of showing our life which sometimes is unbelievable to ourselves.
One of the spheres of design that give a strong impression about this subject is graphic design and especially illustrations. And we want to introduce the project by a Lithuanian designer Monika Pernavaitė which is called Artificial Reality.
The works illustrate the life of a modern human being and how his interaction with the outside world is completely lost or maybe even has already became a loose of interest. The illustrations have been done very precisely, which means that every detail has been thought about and makes sense to this entire subject.
   The choice of tones kind of play a role, that in this grey world that he lives, his only “colors” are brought by the phone screen. The humankind is on the verge of creating something beyond its control which from one side shows how much we have improved but from the other side also shows that we are losing the interaction with the real world. The project blurred the lines between real and constructed, false perception and content addiction. The inspiration came from seeing the increase in AI and AR capabilities, reflecting upon our innate strive for exploration, often coupled with complete disregard for the consequences of our actions.
   In all, this project certainly touches a very important subject which is happening not every day, but almost every second.

Design: Monika Pernavaitė (Lithuania)

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