Parkis – bicycle parking invention.

The best space saving solution for parking bicycles I have ever seen. 

This November bicycle enthusiasts will be offered an opportunity to park their bikes in an innovative way, the project begins its way on Kickstarter- the global crowdfunding platform for creative projects.


An economist Bronius Rauba and an engineer Vygantas Radvila from Lithuania have created an automated vertical bicycle parking lift PARKIS, which has no analogues in the world. This equipment offers a totally different approach to space saving parking–you do not need to use physical effort to vertically park your bike as PARKIS does it for you.




The number of bicyclists is growing rapidly in the whole world as this mode of transportation has become fashionable. It makes bicycle parking and storage an issue. However, parking solutions available in the market do not meet modern standards. The creator of PARKIS recall the very beginning of ideation of the equipment: “My family are avid bicyclists, so I have searched for bicycle parking mechanisms which saved space at home and were easy to use by my family members. The search was fruitless as all available parking mechanisms had one huge flaw in common – hanging a bike on a rack or hook to save space you had to use great physical effort. It did not suit my family. This is how the idea of an automated household bike parking lift was born in my head”. B. Rauba worked on the idea and the same year the first prototype was made. In 2015, the engineer V. Radvila joined him. Soon the ideation and planning shifted to implementation and in 2016 the first fully functional automated bicycle parking lift PARKIS was created.





The PARKIS startup team is firmly determined to positively change bicycle parking and storage culture. They strongly believe that parking a bike has to be facile: “This invention is not about saving floor storage space but about making parking pleasant and stylish. PARKIS presents a revolutionary vertical parking experience. From now on you will not have to use physical efforts to lift a bicycle, as PARKIS will do the entire job for you“.

First products will be presented on Kickstarter platform.

Design: PARKIS (Lithuania)