Bruno accent tables

 The design of the Bruno accent tables is based around the playful idea of the lacquered leg going through the table top, creating the illusion of trespassing it. The contrast between the black coloured leg and black metallic frame with the oak veneer accentuates the intended visual game even further and makes every Bruno an object that requires a second look from the observer, whom is certain to be pulled towards such a bold design statement.
When combined side by side, the coffee and side tables can be placed in different positions in tandem with each other. Geometric forms then start to appear and bring out yet another fascinating element of this collection.

Bruno (2)

Bruno (5)

Bruno (6)

Bruno (4)

Bruno (1)

Bruno (7)

Design: Pavel Vetrov (Ukraine)
Client: TemaHome (Portugal)

Honors & Awards

German Design Award 2018: Winner (Germany)