Chair Z

   All the time design begins with new ways of looking and imagining how form can serve a function. It is an essential thing to all the process, especially when it comes to furniture and product design. One of the furniture pieces that we cannot imagine our casual lives without is the chair. Ergonomics is very important if a chair is to be occupied comfortably. Throughout history and time, chair design has continued to change and improve, reflecting new technologies and tendencies that the world had to offer.
   Since the generations are changing, so are the products. We have heard about the generation Z, but this time, let’s speak about the Chair “Z”, designed by an Estonian designer Kristo Kaseorg. It was originally designed in 2016 and since then, it has attracted a lot of attention by the décor, interior designers, and those that appreciate design.
   The making process was probably the most challenging part for the designer. To get the seating height and angles perfect, he made the chair out of MDF material and asked his colleagues and friends to try to sit on it so that he could film the postures. It allowed him to understand how the posture sitting needs to be designed and how it should not make it uncomfortable for the person using it.
   The organic lines and form that we see in the Chair “Z” design can be described as playful and also unique. Playful because of the shape that we see it. It looks so organic and light, as imitating the spine of the person. In this case, your back is designed to curve through the length of your spine, so a good ergonomic chair will have an adjustable back that shapes to the form. Unique in a way of how the process went and how much testing it had to take to achieve something so beautiful. Both the unparalleled quality and ergonomic seating positions to suit your lifestyle.

Design: Kristo Kaseorg (Estonia)

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