COMB bench

COMB bench is an interesting idea and concept of a young student to use old bicycle inner tubes in the construction of the furniture. COMB is a furniture system based on a combination of two materials. Furniture is made of spoiled, air permitting bicycle tube and plywood pieces.
COMB is a combination which gives a movement and new sitting experience. Recycled furniture system COMB is made from bicycles blown out inner tubes and plywood leftovers. Inner tubes give flexibility and create soft wood experience. At first sight, all the elements look like inert and static details of the bench and it is just a graphic element at the top of the bench. But this is just an illusion that disperses when it comes to sitting.
This bench gives a feeling of playfulness and unexpectedness. Everyone can find it usable in various spaces where imagination and a sense of style exist. Rather simple but at the same time interesting solution of a young student encourages the usage of secondary raw materials and taking care of the Earth resources in order to create a cleaner environment.
The project was created during the studies at the Art Academy of Vilnius.

Design: Gaudutė Žilytė (Lithuania)