CONCRETUS concrete speaker concept

People are used to see loudspeakers made of wood, plastic, silicone, metal and many other materials. However, concrete speakers are something new on the horizon. We have never thought that such an idea would be worth mentioning. However, the prototype of the Concretus speaker by the young student at Vilnius Academy of Arts stands out as a way to deny the well-established norms and stereotypes. This product not only offers intriguing solutions, but also can function as a great piece of interior decor.

How it all started:
Concretus is the result of the work of Gražina Bočkute (Grazhina Bochkute), a promising young designer at Vilnius Academy of Arts. The main theme/topic for second year second semester was sound. As it was a very broad topic, students had very different ideas on it. After a month of research and various ideas, Gražina started developing what she wanted to do and that was experimenting with different materials, trying something new. Gražina always wanted to make something from ceramics. Therefore, she started researching information about it and its synthesis with the sound. Gradually ideas on ceramics turned into ideas about concrete, as Gražina has always seen the beauty of this material.  Concrete was suitable for sound in a way and she saw an opportunity to make something out of it. She has noticed that there have not been many speakers made from this material, so it was quite a good niche market for her idea. Finally, Gražina conducted the research for the form, made 3d visualizations, and had countless consultations with her amazing supervisors Povilas Juskaitis and Algimantas Kensminas. They gave a young designer some advice on the concrete itself. After countless consultations and ideas from other people as well and many hours of hard work the concrete speaker was born.

Choosing the name:
Gražina named her speaker before she even finished it. The young designer started to thinking of a name that was both meaningful and suitable for the speaker at the same time as she envisioned the product. The material was the main hook for this speaker, so she just had to include the word. Beton sounded a bit heavy, so Gražina took the word concrete and added a Latin-kind-of-fancy ending to it, while giving it a Lithuanian vibe, because KONKRETUS means particular/specific in Lithuanian and it suited the speaker really well.  Naming the project has been one of the most favourite parts of the whole process for the young designer.

Her inspiration for the choice of material has been the tetra pods at the pier of Klaipeda. The pier is a place to relax, take a walk, breath in, breath out, and feel the sea and its calmness. In the back of her mind, Gražina has always thought that those tetra pods will have some kind of an impact in her life, will somehow inspire her.

There are electronic components besides the concrete: the speaker, the buttons, the micro scheme, a hole for low-frequency sound, and the bottom plastic base. It can be pulled out if there is a need to change something. Stainless steel details are added to the control panel and around the corners of the speaker to make that finished fancy look. 

The speaker is intended to be part of the interior in which it sits. That is why the speaker is perfectly suitable for lofts, clean and open spaces. Gražina is sure that the product is not for everyone’s taste, but she believes it will definitely find its consumers, who will love it as much as she does.

It is different from other speakers due to the material choice. There are not many speakers made from this material. Thus, it is a great challenge to make them. Gražina thinks that the stainless steel details add the finishing touch to the product. It brings back the look of contrast. The loudspeaker is controlled with Bluetooth wireless technology, which adds a modern hipster vibe to the ancient material.

CONCRETUS is in its initial prototype phase now. The idea is to develop these speakers to stereo system, which would include two bookshelf speakers. Gražina is open to new development or business ideas.


Design: Gražina Bočkutė (Lithuania)
Audio/video creators: Video Staliai (Jonas Kisielius, Arturas Buividavicius)(Lithuania)