First Star – Mercedes-Benz A Class concept.

This project was my first experience in the field of the automotive design. It started during my exchange studies by ERASMUS program in Hochschule München, Germany. Client of the project was Mercedes Benz company. Their assignment was to create a car design for the young people, as a first personal vehicle. I was looking for design elements, which would help to maintain creative philosophy of Mercedes Benz, and also to reflect youthful character and desire to show-off. Chosen target group was young girls. The A class package was chosen, bearing in mind needs of the youth and the fact that the vehicle will be driven mainly in the city. In the sketching phase proportions of the A class were maintained, but roof line was changed to add more sportive look. In the back novel removable part of roof was proposed. In summer it can be taken off, transforming vehicle into a pick-up. It gives more pleasure in the trips to the nature with the friends.

Design: Saulė Lengvenytė (Lithuania)
Project supervisors: prof. dr. Othmar Wickenheiser (Germany)
Client: Mercedes-Benz (Germany)