HELLO!MOON – safety in style!

HELLO!MOON – Shine on! Always shine on!

Viltė and Aušra are two young Lithuanian designers who stands behind HELLO!MOON, a line of nocturnal shining apparel inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. Established in the year 2013, HELLO!MOON creates textile items with phosphoric or reflective function for creative, active people fascinated with the moon and the moonlight. The essence of this idea is to create bright items for bright people!



HELLO!MOON  hand made fascinating knitted woollen winter hats with reflective PomPoms reveal their mystery at twilight – they reflects the light and shine as reflectors! The PomPoms are full of light reflecting threads, so every time they catch the light in the dark they shine!


Copyright © Kernius Pauliukonis

Design: Aušra KačinskaitėViltė Martusevičienė (Lithuania)

Honors & Awards

Red Dot Award 2016: Product Design Winner (Germany)
Lithuanian Design Prize: Good Design Winner 2016 (Lithuania)