Herringbone table


   Nature and its beauty are a huge influence on designers from all areas. Typically, it is the source to either replicate or emulate some of its most clever and beautiful elements in the details which make the product so special and extra ordinary. Often times designers nod to the natural world in the form of warm-toned materials which could represent the concept better and give it a precise look which would bring us a feeling of nostalgia. Usually the furniture pieces are the ones that bring us the most important memories either from our childhood or our adulthood.
   The Herringbone table represents the beauty of the Baltic nature and its history. The pattern itself is the main detail which is commonly used in the countries of the Baltics when it comes to fashion, furniture and graphic design. The furniture piece combines both modern style and traditional one.
   As simple as it seems, this table hides a multifunctional use inside itself. You can find a hidden drawer in the front of the desk which is divided into two sections for you to be able to place your laptop and other necessities. It was a challenge for the designers to keep the simple design principle but also to add as much storage possibilities as possible. The handles openings are serving as cable channels if the user prefers to keep top closed and neat.
   A smart way to keep the top clean and not messy.
   This table can perfectly be an addition to an official environment or for a simple yet modern work studio. Neat design is what makes it look special. It brings the history of the Baltics to the place where your ideas are being created. But its great not only for working but also for having some time for yourself as well. Folk art and design can bring a cosy feeling to your work place.

Design: Agnė Balkė (Lithuania)
Client: KiTAIP (Lithuania)

Honors & Awards

European Product Design Award 2019: Gold award (Hungary)
A’Design Award 2019: Silver Design award (Italy)