Italala Caffè interior design

 Italala Caffè have a highly reputable, third-wave specialty coffee that comes from a small roastery Ditta Artigianale near Florence. Thus the owners wanted to have a taste of modern, non-shallow Italy, to put aside all the stereotypes, surrounding “the Italian place” concept.
The architects came up with the idea to hop back in time to the Post World War II Italy, when the design icons, such as Vespa scooters, Smeg fridges or Fiat 500 were launched into production.

 The main goal was to capture the mood of the era, to transfer it to nowadays, yet to cover it up in a contemporary outfit.
 What was also crucial to the architects and the client, was the creation of a vibe and atmosphere where you want to stay in all day long, feeling welcome and just like “at home“.
 Fresh pastel colors, bright and rich tones were chosen to cheer up the place, when it’s not sunny outside (what is common in the Baltic region), followed by resembling finish, furniture, lighting and some joyful accessories, such as swings!
 All mixed up in reconstructed premises, situated in the very heart of Vilnius Old town, the project reveals the most characteristic aspects of the context, such as incomparable old concrete ceiling inside and exhibited voyeuristic experience, placing visitors at a distance, used to give the viewer a chance to observe and develop their own narrative from the outside.
 In matters of a coffeeshop, Italala Caffè is the cutting edge for eye candy and aesthetical visuality.
 The project manages to combine traditional and contemporary styles for a result that is both cozy, and, we dare say, timeless.

Design: Justina Biekšaitė / Arūnas Lapinskas (Lithuania)
Branding: Paulė Bocullaitė (Lithuania)

Client: Italala Caffè (Lithuania)