Katana chair

 Idea of creating Katana chairs collection appeared from Japanese culture inspiration or rather the katana sword. This chair is filled with Japanese philosophy, love of Japanese culture and its origins. Japanese culture combine clear forms, tidiness, completeness and close connection with nature. Moreover, there is no unnecessary details in this culture. Everything is in place where it supposed to be. Clear lines and the highest quality texture material create a stylish and untypical sitting chair. In order to make it as cozy as possible the designer adds framed curved line back that gives a feeling of a total comfort. KATANA chair corresponds to ergonomics and takes care of everyone back who sits on it.
 A special place in this design take legs of the chair. Decorative elements with stitches make up the handle of the katana sword. This Japanese sword is an identity of traditional samurai. It is known that samurai found beauty in all things of nature. Every detail in katana sword is well measured. Thus, while looking into KATANA chair a viewer gets a similar impression – each line and form create impression of completeness and tidiness. In one moment you may have a feeling that it is a samurai thrown chair.
 Finally, the possibility of using different tissues can promote the mood of this chair and adjust to the most interiors.

Design: Pavel Vetrov (Ukraine)
Client: Premier Group (Russia)