LIGHT BAG portable illuminator

 The LIGHT BAG portable illuminator is a new design approach to travel or safety equipment. While evaluating various design products safety usually comes first! The LIGHT BAG is a portable illuminator for a traveler. Compact and easily folding bag is made of air-tight fabric. It becomes lighting illuminative flashlight just in several seconds.
 The LIGHT BAG is light, water resistant, load-bearing and has several lighting positions: weak, strong and flashing SOS lighting. The lamp also has a belt that allows it to be worn and hanged. The design of this illuminator gives an impression of cleanliness. Despite of unusual to the typical flashlights form this portable bag combines practicality, safety and unique design.
This is an amazing idea and concept of a design student – Gaudutė Žilytė. It  is exclusive and the use of this practical and portable illuminators is broad and up to the user imagination: from safety on the road or on the nature trips till rescue measures during a disaster in the water or in the mountains. Moreover, the automatic inflatable technology and light-switching system can save many lives in various difficult situations. It can be as a great safety mean in the dark of the nature or on the road. Even in everyday situations when you are forced to stop in the dark daytime due to car failure or change of tyre. But the final decision makes an owner where and in which cases to use it. Switch on your imagination!
This project was created by Gaudutė during studies at the Art Academy of Vilnius.

Design: Gaudutė Žilytė (Lithuania)