MONO – water ionizer prototype

MONO – an instant water ionizer created during a 2 week length workshop between 3rd grade Vilnius Academy of Arts design students and Kaunas University of Technology 4th year industrial engineering students.

Problem: Current water ionizers need a lot of space on counters, have a lot of parts which need to be dryed out or cleaned, some of them need professional equipment to mount it. They lack smart user-experience. Also water ionizers look like electric kettles.
Idea: Main principle of design: form follows function. The goal was to make the ionizer compact, minimal and easy to use.
Materials used: Chrome and plastic. The product itself comes in two different colour choices: silver and black. That is done to retain the product’s sleek, minimal and solid appearance.

User scenario:
1. Fill up the 2l bottle from faucet.
2. Insert the bottle into the ionizer.
3. Adjust the right PH of your ionized water
4. Put a glass into place
5. After 1 minute enjoy your ionized, alkaline water.
6. When the red light comes up be sure to take out the acid water.

MONO 3000 – an instant water ionizer with the ability to filter water. This product is intended to be 1.5 times larger than the original MONO due to the size of the filter.

Design: Veronika Guželytė / Gražina Bočkutė / Laurynas Ginelevičius Lukas Kijauskas Greta Railaitė (Lithuania)
Workshop supervisors: Denis Orlenok / Vytautas GrigasRūta Valušytė / Saulius JarašiusDeividas Juozulynas / Marius Paulikas (Lithuania)
Client: Burbuliukas (Lithuania)