NÖRK RACK a clothes hanger

Rope is incredibly strong yet lightweight. It can support human weight at great heights. The NÖRK RACK hooks that turn the technically advanced ropes into cleverly designed house accessories are the result of long research into mountaineering equipment, nautical tools and rescue work.

Static Friction hook idea – Static frictional forces are created between interlocking of the irregularities of two surfaces when a pressure and correct angle is created. For example, when the coat is lifted, you can easily move the hook up and down. It is comfortable for kids and adults.

NÖRK RACK is designed to hang from the ceiling or a beam. It is small and easy to move from one place to another and discrete enough to take up minimal space in your house, coffee shop corner or on a window display as past of visual merchandising.

Design: Johanna Tammsalu (Estonia)
Client: Tamma Design (Estonia)

Honors & Awards

Product design award BRUNO 2016 – Winner in product design for a human environment category (Estonia)