Nothing Serious illustrations

   Can our lives still be calling real if we are living mainly in the digital world everyday? What is the first thing that you do in the morning? Let me guess, opening your sleepy eyes, raising your hands up and…picking up the phone, right? It‘s like a little pre-breakfast for all of us. We need to feed our mind with the photos, images, news, maybe even to amuse ourselves with a short cat video just to brighten up the day. But it‘s nothing bad I hear you saying. We tend to forget how our normal rhythm of life can look like and what a simple thing like walking down the street without holding your phone can look like. We tend to loose our identities and actually we don‘t even mind it.
The illustrations which were done by the Lithuanian designer Monika Pernavaite actually represent what we see everyday. A casually looking man walking down the street, looking at his phone. Then we meet him at the metro doing the same. After that we see him sitting and just looking at the phone during the lunch. After the work has finished, he is walking back home by looking what new he can discover or even experience. This reality can be called both sad and interesting. Sad, because the loss of ourselves is happening everyday but to stop it, we do not have the desire. The interesting part is to see how the level of technology has evolved and how it takes all of our attention so that we do not even mind walking by looking at our phones all day.
   The soft colour tones and shapes that the designer chose somehow create calmness which can be explained of how our mood changes once we start checking our social media profiles. We see if people like us, our ideas, our posts. We get calmer after being appreciated by others. We can‘t say that social media is all bad, it allows us to make new international contacts, make new connections, get inspired by designers, artists, travel and find new places to visit. It broadens our horizons and makes us a completely different person.
   The design is simple but affective. Simplicity is what charmes us, because that is how our lives look a bit like. We depend on the technology and we know that it is not the best thing, but as we say, that it is nothing bad. But when somebody asks us what we have seen today or done, we say – nothing serious.

Design: Monika Pernavaitė (Lithuania)

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