Panama Banana outdoor furniture concept

Panama Banana is an outdoor furniture that could be used as a hammock and also as football goal for beach sports created by Vilnius Academy of Arts student Agota Rimšaitė. It is a perfect combination for a great day of active relaxation at the beach!

The design has been inspired by a shape of a surf board that is why it integrates so well with natural beach environment. The ropes give an open texture so when you lie down the wind can go through and you feel more refreshed at hot day in the beach. Because of its light weight it can be easily moved. And when you want some action you just need to turn it 90 degrees and it can be used as a modern football goal. As a lounge hammock it is very comfortable because as you lie down your legs slightly go up so they can relax better. Finally, when you want to pack it away, you simply remove the support details and it folds flat.

It is made by playwood and pink polyester ropes. The combination of natural wood and bright pink color makes interesting combination. Furthermore, the pink ropes give active, sportive feeling at the beach. Furniture could be used as a rent at the beach bars or for the personal use in your own garden.

Panama Banana for active day at beach!

Design: Agota Rimsaite (Lithuania)