Proud of Lithuania

 Proud of Lithuania. A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root. This story is about beauty of our little country called Lithuania. It begins and ends at a dinner table, on a plate full of magical flavours, emotions, and memories, in the rough woods, bright fields and cold blue rivers of our homeland. This book isn’t intended to be the practical guide in the kitchen, its goal is to remind us how beautiful Lithuania is and to reveal a more extensive palette of what its cuisine can provide us. This book denies shallow stereotypes about Lithuanian cuisine – there is so much more than that, we just need to glimpse back at the past story of our ancestors.

Design: Miglė Rudaitytė (Lithuania)
Photos: Šarūnė Zurba (Lithuania)

Client: Sweet Root Restaurant (Lithuania)

Honors & Awards

D&AD awards 2018: Wood Pencil (England)
Geras dizainas 2018: Winner (Lithuania)