Pulk coffee table

   There’s always a mystery of what is hiding behind each design product and its process, what was the story that inspired the designer to create the it in its particular form and how the idea even appeared in the sketchbook. Our activities inspire us to create, live and reach for the better, more functional design solutions. But how does this connect to the PULK table you may ask?
The PULK table was inspired by the rock-climbing activity. You can see by the pegs which are the main detail of the table that it reinvents the idea of rock-climbing walls. Playable design allows the customer to easily rebuild their own furniture piece. It’s a time when we want functionality more than anything and this modular piece can become a great statement choice for your interior.
   The wood choice gives a special touch to the table and makes it look cosy. The combined materials can seem quite a contrast at first, but only later you see how they all create a harmonious combination. It is minimal, clean and aesthetic.
   The best part? You can be a designer yourself. Remove a few pegs and you can have as much space as you want for your storage either it is to put some coffee or to place your laptop.
   It’s also easily transformable and practical. Want to play a boardgames after some dinner but don’t have enough space to place everything? No problem, just clean it fast, remove some pegs and store the necessary board game cards or notebooks to write those scores.
   What actually is beautiful for us personally is how well detailed the furniture piece is and how well it represents a hobby that actually asks us to push our own boundaries and strength. By creating something simple, the design team made a table which can bring playfulness into your space.


Design: Pulk Design (Estonia)

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