Red Dot chair design

   Do not be scared by the name, it does not mean any danger. Why danger? Human brain understands the red colour as danger, which is also understood the same in nature as well. It is usually also connected with the idea that it can be harmful or signalises some kind of error. In this case, we will not meet any danger, but on the contrary, we will present you the unique furniture piece which is called Red dot chair. Sounds interesting, right? Well, we think so too and here is what is behind this piece. “The name REDDOT comes from a notable design award. To get away from the strenuous creative process and over-the-top expectations, the designer uses irony, which liberates and offers strength.” – Gaudutė Žilytė.
Well, first, according to the designer the main intention of the armchair is the appearance of a bright 2D projection which comes within the piece. It does not look as a regular armchair which we see in all spaces, with simple sitting and pillow to relax. Its form is what makes it so special.
   But how should I sit on this chair we hear you asking. We have the answer to that as well. The flat sedentary plane is made from an elastic red material, that tightens as the person is sitting down, adapting to the weight of the body and therefore creating a comfortable, soft seating. It makes the sitting more comfortable than the regular cushions because it adapts to the body. It will not make you bounce, because as the designer explained, the metal legs are bent in a unique way to ensure minimal bouncing, allowing the armchair to provide the person with even more comfort. That’s what makes it amazing and unique to any minimal or modern space.
   This chair can stay in your workspace, entrance, bedroom or even in the living room. It will certainly become something that all of your guests will want to try out. Adapting to your body, it will make you feel comfortable during those afternoon tea breaks.

Design: Gaudutė Žilytė (Lithuania)

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