Sensition XV1

   It is impossible to think about everything that inspired the cinema creators and how technology has improved it. The advanced technologies allow not only to create those special effects, but actually to create a realistic human character which changes already the way the digital world is seen. For all of us and for a long time film has been one long dance between art and technology. If it is well done, it can stuck into our minds forever and become something, that will remind us about some nostalgic times.
But to do all of that, the creators need to have an equipment that will allow them to achieve the best result. Mikl Studio has teamed up with Sensition to develop a new product for the movie production business. After all the work, research, talking to different people from this area, they launched XV1 which measures the distance and helps the assistant to film the difficult shots.
   Time is essential part when it comes to creating anything, and when it comes to movie business, it is a crucial thing, because every second counts. So, the XV1 allows to save the time, create good shots and not waste the energy.
   The three parts – control unit, sensor, user interface system makes a difference right away. The control unit gives the precise distance measurements to the user that is filming the scene. The sensor measures the distance from the object that is followed while shooting the scene. And when it comes to speak about the user interface, we have to mention that one word will describe all about it – simplicity. There are two types of screens on the unit. First one is LED screen and the second one is LCD screen. There are simple menus in the interface that can be changed and selected with the rotary button.
   The movie production keeps evolving, and we are excited to see what it can bring to us more.


Design: Mikl Studio (Estonia)

Honors & Awards

BRUNO design award 2016: Winner in “Best engineering product design” category (Estonia)