Sensus is wearable adjustable navigation device for the blind and visually impaired. Using an infrared sensor it detects an obstacle and sends a vibration that intensifies when an obstacle is getting closer. It is intended as a complement to white canes for the blind, not as a replacement. Sensus recognizes obstacles in your path, it cannot detect drop-offs such as curbs.
The device can be attached to almost everything. It uses different parts that can be easily inserted in the device : a clip, a ring, a clip to attach it to the white cane and an armband. These parts fit in a compact case where device can also be charged.
The form was inspired by a pillow. A pillow is an object that softens the edges, it is personal and means comfort. The main criteria for the design of this device was to make it look more like a personal object, an accessory for the blind to be worn as an aesthetic item which emphasizes the beauty and touch, not the disability.
Tested by the blind, received positive feedback.
BA Industrial design project 2018.






Design: Gražina Bočkutė (Lithuania)
Supervisor: Deividas Juozulynas (Lithuania)

Honors & Awards