SPYNDI – a modular chair

   One of the basic pieces of furniture that is an essential piece of every interior, a chair is a type of seat. New sustainable materials these days can be used in the design of furniture suited to our modern lifestyle. But every piece of furniture, product design, and even a simple décor piece needs to be functional and as well embrace the feeling of a unique concept, right? It is an essential thing that can make a huge step once a designer creates something. And it can either be used as a functional element or can just be forgotten in one minute. But this one is not the case of being forgotten.
The chair which is called in a very charming name Spyndi attracts our attention by its organic form and the concept which allows the person itself be involved in the design process. When it comes to its story, Spyndi was originally designed by a Lithuanian designer Mindaugas Žilionis. The prototype itself was presented at the Neformate design competition in 2007 where it received the attention by the visitors. From there, it came up from being just a start-up to a fully working business and today it is a highly requested piece worldwide.
   Let’s speak a bit about the concept and what makes Spyndi such a desirable furniture object. Firstly, the construction of the furniture system allows its segments to be combined and the visible free-form result conforms to the contours of the body which plays the most important role when it comes to the ergonomics and the comfortability. It took almost nine years to create and develop such piece which would work with the principle of the human body positions.
   There’s another story when it comes to the materials of Spyndi. The structure consists of 60/75 pieces of handmade wooden elements. All of them can be attached to one another and it reflects the human spine. Spyndi carries functionality and simplicity at the same time. It is a good example of how furniture can become a statement of your interior.

Design: Mindaugas Žilionis (Lithuania)
Client: Spyndi (Lithuania)

Honors & Awards

Geras Dizainas (Good Design Award) 2012: Winner (Lithuania)