The Pill

   To keep an organized room or apartment is a huge mission to all of us, right? It seems such an easy thing and it can be. By using the right furniture pieces, colours, forms, we can achieve the balance in our living spaces in one moment. An some pieces can become a great statement representing your style and you as a person, like for example – a cabinet. Cabinets too are an indispensable piece of furniture of bedrooms, living rooms.
   The Pill designed by the Lithuanian designer Dalius Razauskas can be described both as unique and functional. We all know how messy the cabinets can become, right? But this one attracts by its organic design form which can be fixed to a wall. But wait, there‘s more. The designer Dalius Razauskas gave a huge attention to the functionality of this cabinet which is the main objective when it comes designing a product. It can instantly transform into a fully-functional working place or even a dressing table.
   It is not only a beautiful piece, it is the one that hides so many different possibilities for the owner. The shelving system inside the cabinet is designed with the idea to allow the user to change and adapt it easily: it can fit a laptop, standard files, catalogues and magazines, books or become a great place to put your morning coffee before the day starts.
   The designer made it possible to be functional even during the night. It comes with  with sockets and the option of integrating LED lights. So the night readings are an easy thing and writing is as easy as you can imagine.
   All this was achieved by using the best materials, simplicity in style and thinking about functionality. The Pill cabinet is a furniture piece which is perfect for a one room studio and also in the ambiences where the area of the space is very significant.

Design: Dalius Razauskas (Lithuania)
Client: EMKO (Lithuania)

Honors & Awards

Geras Dizainas (Good Design Award) 2017: Winner in Furniture and Lighting category (Lithuania)