Trends come and go. Ties and aprons have always been in fashion. A tie is purely decorative, but still a part of many peoples’ daily routine. At the same time, there is nothing as functional as a decent apron – an unavoidable accessory for many professions. Although different ​by​ purpose, both a tie and an apron represent the type of clothing people tend to use for years.
Tie&Apron combines the distinction of a tie with the utility of an apron. Its’ a value-added design concept, an example of how to change the meaning of familiar things into something specific and ​unique. Tie&Apron is a symbiosis of timeless elegance and pure functionality – a combination of qualities that complement each other and make the product outstandingly ​distinctive and sustainable.
Like most great things in life, the story of Tie&Apron begun quite unexpectedly in an everyday setting when Estonian designer Andres Labi was invited to a dinner party one night.
While serving dainties and cocktails, the host, dressed into a black tie and a black apron, was in constant struggle to save his tie getting dipped into the food on the plate every time he bowed forward to pass the next dish. Andres, witnessing the struggle, couldn’t help noticing at the same time, that black tie and apron merged into each other so neatly creating the illusion of one single yet elegant clothing. Fascinated by this intriguing contradiction and eager to save the chic hosts of the future from the same misery of failing functionality, Andres turned to a lady sitting next to him: “Why not to combine tie and apron in a single piece of clothing? They are worn together often anyway.”
The lady looked down on him and said: “Well, you are a designer! Make it happen!”
The idea of putting together tie and apron seamed so cunningly simple that he rushed home and designed the first tie-apron in the world.

tieapron_light stripe 2

tieapron_bartender 1

tieapron_polka dark

tieapron_polka light


Design: Andres Labi (Estonia)

Honors & Awards

Design competition “Male’s Thing” 2013: Recognition (Estonia)
International Design Awards 2015: Second Prize in Other Fashion (USA)