D4H camera concept

 D4H is a camera concept, “designed for humans”. Inspired by the super-8 and super-16 cine cameras this design strives to reshape the way people imagine still photography cameras. During the whole existence of photography, cameras were designed around the medium they recorded to. Meaning, the portable film cameras were rectangular in shape, just because they had to house the film and its reels.
Nowadays the picture is captured by the sensor, which is roughly 36mm wide (full-frame standard). This opens up an opportunity to improve the ergonomics of the current camera designs and really push for compactness and comfort. With the state-of-the-art electronic view finders, the cameras screen become redundant. Viewing, reviewing and navigation – all done through the EVF. A vertical grip makes the camera easy to hold. Human hands need handles, it’s the most natural and intuitive way of holding objects. The D4H is more of a mental exercise it’s goal is to inspire brave new thoughts about how a stills camera could and should look like, how it should be used and how it should feel in the hand.

Design: Mindaugas Petrikas (Lithuania)