Grate Module table design

 Grate Module is a unique design metal module created by Ukrainian designer Vasyl Maletych. The GM can be produced from two options – casting aluminum alloy or based on carbon fiber. This module allows an easy composing of a few furniture items into numerous combinations (based on needs).
 The main principle of this module is laconism, creativity and rhythm. There are no additional fasteners or accessories, just imagination and sense of style. Functional furniture elements bring childhood memories where out of few (LEGO) constructor parts a new building was built. Looking into each separate part of the GM, they can barely be usable. But right after one or two parts appear, an imagination is making a step forward. New furniture is being born – a table, a shelf, a bench or a chair. Straight and symmetric lines of each element composes clear forms of modern furniture. The GM assists as supplements for interior and exterior design creating the sense of futuristic mood or fun playground.
 The main product of module composing is a coffee table – the Grate Table (GT). The project itself goes beyond the perception of furniture. It is not just a table. This is an installation. It is a game. It is a dynamic object that balances between the function of the table and sculptural installation. This is an interactive international product inviting everyone to join and switch on imagination.

Design: Vasyl Maletych (Ukraine)
Client: Maletych Design Studio (Ukraine)