Kitchen SOUL

The kitchen SOUL is a functional and comfortable art object that suits the lifestyle, preferences and individual needs of its owners. A removable unit system allows to transform the kitchen space of your choice, combining aesthetic pleasure and comfort. And open systems represent your openness and inner life. Combinations of units, different lighting ideas, ergonomics, environmental friendliness and high quality will allow you to enjoy the time in this kitchen.

Trends of healthy lifestyles can be easily represented in the kitchen-garden, where the beauty combines with the benefit. Front lighting allows to create a unique visual effect. Health is always in trend. You can create a combination of units, separating them into groups according to their functions for each family member on the basis of one kitchen. At that you can show your individuality to the maximum in a total kitchen concept.

The base of the kitchen SOUL has a self-contained design element. Austerity does not deprive it of functionality and operates on the principle of “nothing more”, playing the role of a clean slate. A different interpretation of the stereotyped perception of the kitchen allows to agree with your philosophy in any period of life. You can create a lot of combinations of units for the most demanding chef, emphasizing his culinary talent and leaving room for new experiments.

The process of designing the kitchen SOUL was based on own perception of the world and the idea of the perfect kitchen that will reflect the individuality of each master. The philosophy of SOUL is adapted for its owner, at that interconnection of the outer and inner beauty become apparent, positioning openness and individuality of the person, the ability to discover something new and to be changed. But still to have a base … be yourself.

The world around us is changing constantly and we are transforming our space easily and with pleasure, adding new features and facilities. Lighting ideas create a new visual image. In such a way, it is distancing kitchen SOUL from the standard utilitarian interpretation. Luminous panel provides comfort usage and creates an incredible effect of lighting overhead units. This effect of “inner glow” is peculiar to all living things. It allows to emphasize different contents of your kitchen SOUL – each element is filled with light by passing it through a prism.

The variety of units allows to select the optimal combination for you – storage for utensils, spices, wine, different containers for plants and many other necessary things. There is a place for your gadgets and culinary literature.

Design: Denis Sokolov / Lera Sokolova / Artem Martynenko / Juliya Martynenko / Tanya Lazovaya / Anton Sokolov (Ukraine)
Client: SVOYA studio (Ukraine)

Honors & Awards

Red Dot Awards 2016: Best of the Best Winner (Germany)