Looking for a job

“Looking for job” project started when the young designer decided to send his promo work to various foreign agencies, illustration agents, and different art networking sites, looking for possible clients. He decided to draw an illustration that is simple, with clean lines and witty, and to include it into the email so it would catch an eye of potential clients. The creator also posted the illustration on social media, where it got a lot of positive attention. Therefore, he decided that this subject is of interest and relevant, especially to the freelancers. Actually, this topic is relevant to many of us, as we encounter situations when we must change our old view of thinking and look for some new strategies to get new jobs and start new projects.

The number of illustrations was growing, so the author incorporated them into one bigger project, which can be shared on many different art-networking sites. This way, more people and potential customers can notice the illustrations.

It took one week for the project to be completed. The author created the following rules for it:
– Illustration should have clean lines and minimalist design to convey the encrypted message clearly.

– Colors should be eye-catching and give a positive, upbeat feel.
– Viewers should recognize and be able to identify themselves with a character easily.
– Finally yet importantly, a project should be different from any other work and diversify a portfolio.



You are your tools.


Hamster life.


Be different.


How to flirt with money.


Fast life.


Empty pockets.


Please support with job.




Design: Artiom Brančel (Lithuania)