MONAI Light Table

Monai is a product that includes traditional and modern elements. The objects found in nature inspired the shape of the light table. In the morning, it is in the shape of the sun and when you go to bed, it converts into the gently lit moon. It soothes and helps you fall asleep faster.

Monai is a light table with the circadian lighting technology, which helps a user balance his/her biological clock and feel better. It keeps you awake through the first part of a day and helps you fall asleep in the evening.

The stylistic research was based on the analysis of the basic geometric forms. Rounded corners are not only easier for our eyes to look at, but they make information easier to process as well. We have carefully calculated the comfortable usage on the daily basis at regular home spaces. First prototypes were made of plywood, but this material looked too rough, so we decided to cover plywood base with oak veneer and to add foldable legs from the solid oak. The most exciting part of the design development was creating foldable legs, their details, and certainly the realization of the final product.


Design: Neringa Orlenok (Lithuania)
Technological part: Dr. Pranciškus Vitta (Lithuania)

Photos: Karolis Milaševičius (Lithuania)
Video: Isaiah Urken (Lithuania)
Client: edu2 (Lithuania)

Honors & Awards

International Design Awards 2015: Silver in Other Products designs (USA)
Golden A’ Design Award 2016: Winner for Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category
Lithuanian Design Prize 2016: Good Design Winner (Lithuania)