“The Power of Beauty” (Grožio galia) book design

“The Power of Beauty” is a book which employs the variety of design solutions and print techniques in attempt to tell an inspiring story about the evolution of beauty throughout the 100 years until recent days. Different cultural and historical period had their own unique style and value which were the major influencing force in shaping the image of women. The structure of content and visual logic of the book is built in a way that it would best reflect the chronological nature of evolving beauty concept. Celebrities were invited to join the project and to embody a role of the different idols. Hairstyle, make-up and clothes were carefully selected to mach the specific historical period. The typography, layout and dynamic colour palette were precisely selected to reflect each period. Such a logical application of colour turned into a purely practical navigation system. The overall look and feel of the book – its’ size, layout, grid system, materials and print techniques were consciously decided and chosen to invite the reader to explore the power of beauty.

Design: Aurimas Grajauskas (Lithuania)
Art direction: Aurimas Grajauskas / Andrius Macikas (Lithuania)
Book photography: Aurimas Grajauskas (Lithuania)

Book author and client: Olga Wiseman (Lithuania)
Models hair & make up: Olga Wiseman (Lithuania)
Models photography used in a book: Tomas Kauneckas (Lithuania)

Honors & Awards

“HOW” International Design Awards – Merit Winner 2017 (USA)
ADrenalinas – Gold Arrow Award 2016 (Lithuania)