Watch design concept DRIVE

As a beginner watch wearer, I was amazed by how inconvenient watches were. We need to put effort in the process of checking time. Especially when driving, the watch face is facing away from your vision. This requires taking hand of the wheel and taking your concentration of the road completely. Not a good idea if you are a driver. 

Inspired by vintage classic cars – hardcore, manual, crude machines – I started working on shapes in Fusion 360 (Industrial design software of my choice). All the time I was thinking about hand position on the steering wheel, or motorcycle handlebars. That is how I got the basic shape, with the face on the side of the watch. It allows you to hold your concentration on the road, does not require taking your hand of the steering wheel, and requires only a glance to check the time. 

The linear watch-face was inspired by classic car gauges – narrow typeface, beige background and bold, visible time indicators. The watch face only has an hour and a second hand, due to the way I chose lay down the time increments. Every little dash is 5 minutes, therefore if the hour hand is between 1 and 2 – it’s 1:30. Very simple.

Seconds are very important when you are racing. The watch is very precise, at – you can visually see 0.5s increments. The second hand has no ticks and once it reaches the end, it takes 0.5s to travel back to the first 0.5 second increment. 

Ideally the watch would be fully mechanical. Therefore it was meant to be a bit bulky, to accommodate all the necessary mechanics inside the machined aluminium unibody, which was designed to reseble old, metallic car dashboards.

The thick leather strap prevents it from sliding around on your wrist and secures it in the place you want the watch to be.

No time to waste! Drive!

Design: Mindaugas Petrikas (Lithuania)