Wolf Gates (Vilko Vartai)

The client of the Wolf Gate project are famous Lithuanian neo folk band Skylė with featured singer Aistė Smilgevičiūtė

The brief was to represent new album in one campaign and to make all look in line. Create minimalistic and premium design, but still keep some neo folk elements.

The symbol of “wolf gates” continue to appear in all album songs. The band described it as an unavoidable path of all human beings when a man has to enter different life stages and meet his own fears, personal metamorphosis, changes. Usually, it’s an unpleasant and scary times, because it is unknown and mystic. We took man’s life as a line where he is a master to pull the string how he wants. All album mood took influence from Baltic and Scandinavian mythology, especially Valhalla. 

The line symbol evolves in all designs: logotype, editable cd cover (the owner can create it’s own cover with a string), photo shoot, music video, posters, stage decorations etc.


Design: Ernesta Vala (Lithuania)
Band photography: Modestas Ežerskis (Lithuania)

Make up: Ugnė Ežerinskaitė (Lithuania)
Operator: Petras SK (Lithuania)
Project Manager: Vytautas Pranckevičius (Lithuania)
Video editing: Arūnas Vadeiša (Lithuania)
Lights: Misha and the guys (Lithuania)
Cd production: Tomas Griežė (Lithuania)
Strategy brief: Tomas Bartninkas (Lithuania)
Client: Skyle (Famous Lithuanian neo folk band with featured singer Aistė Smilgevičiūtė)